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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 18, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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drunk. asking for 3 people to help officers train for a variety tests writing, quote, be willing to drink hard liquor. todd: finally the ugly. horses help corral a suspect running for deputies in florida, night vision video showing the animals running after the man, one kicking to the ground, he was arrested a short time later, the man, not the horse, facing several charges. todd: those horses were not forcing around, "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: friday, january 18th, fox news alert. first wave of honduran migrants arriving at mexico app store step and donald trump says the us needs to be prepared. jillian: hundreds more migrants move north. rob: shutdown stalemate, the president pulling rank postponing nancy pelosi's overseas trip.
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jillian: what is next power player niche political chess match to end the shutdown? rob: after the clemson tigers were met with open arms, big-league name that could give the white house a choice. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ a beautiful day ♪ jillian: light snow coming down in new york city this morning. not entirely depressing in new york anyway. other parts getting more. rob: it will be a weekend. jillian: we will talk about that later on the show. you are watching "fox and friends first" this friday. rob: thanks for starting the day with us.
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more than 1000 honduran migrants on the move trying to cross into mexico on their way to the us border. jillian: griff jenkins at the guatemala mexico border where some migrants are attending to push through without immigration paperwork. >> reporter: quite a difference from what we saw last october when we saw thousands by force crossing the bridge into mexico. let me orient you to what is happening, 1000 migrants registered for temporary work visas. you can see in this park we had 500 to 1000 migrants sleeping, waiting to apply for the visas or try to cross the river. that is how they got across last time and behind me i will take you down this street, you can see those migrants one block at
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the end of the entrance to the bridge across into mexico. it is unclear, some saying they want to apply for their visa, waiting five days to get a work visa. others saying they will go across the river or force their way across because they don't like the mexican government or trust the mexican government. we talked to one immigrants from indiana on the way up here and this is what he has to say about his journey to america. >> if they build a wall will that stop you trying to go? if you could speak to donald from direct the what would you say to him? >> open borders. >> reporter: when they apply they get a wristband that registers them and they have to wait five days to go into mexico. we will see what happens. it is a numbers game. two more caravans from el salvador and honduras coming
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this way. as these people are waking up and going across we will find out how much pressure, with more coming here. donald trump has a message for all these migrants standing firm on the fact they won't be let in. listen. >> now you have more caravans, thousands and thousands of people. we don't know where they are from, who they are, nothing. if we had a strong border america is defenseless, vulnerable and unprotected. >> reporter: as we look one last time down this road the plight of these migrants is what we are watching today. we will walk to that bridge, get a little light on the situation and see what the day brings. it will be interesting to see how -- the new president is sworn in in december. so far peaceful, and if there is any indication when numbers get larger, and a factor to watch.
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>> thank you so much. carley: republicans holding a review after and fast put on an interim spending bill to reopen the government. rob: chaos erupted when the bill was approved without a roll call vote on the floor. >> the eyes have it, the gentleman from kentucky did standard ask for a reported vote. >> i didn't hear or see anybody asking for a recorded vote. jillian: democrats agreed to reschedule the vote for next week. rob: uproar on capitol hill continues after donald trump cancels nancy pelosi's weeklong foreign trip amid the government shutdown. jillian: the latest on how long both sides of the aisle are responding. an interesting day yesterday.
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>> reporter: they put the stamp on the graphic. the speaker of the house and donald trump, both sides of the aisle, now speaking out after the president cancels nancy pelosi's weeklong foreign trip to visit troops in afghanistan. donald trump writing, quote, in light of the 800,000 great american workers not receiving pay, not postponing the public relations event is totally appropriate. it would be better if you're in washington negotiating with me, joining a strong border security movement to end the shutdown. the trip would keep nancy pelosi out of the us next tuesday which is the next government pay period. the white house as she does have the option to fly commercial but military aircraft is off-limits was democratic leaders on their way to the airport, getting off the bus, back up capitol hill, admission of quick to take jabs on the president when he returned.
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>> it is completely inappropriate by the president, all too often the president acted like he is in fifth grade. to have someone with that kind of character running the country is an enormous problem at every level. >> reporter: policy spokesperson taking shots at the president thing during the trump shutdown, congressional delegation led by representative selden. the republicans also express and frustration, lindsey graham tweeting he thinks the move to call off the trip was inappropriate. also adding he is disappointed nancy pelosi is playing politics with the state of the union. the president has move comes after nancy pelosi demanded he change the address in light of security concerns due to the government shutdown. officials claim the decision to cancel nancy pelosi's trip was not irresponsible to nancy pelosi's letter. rob: interesting stuff, made for such fantastic -- jillian: absolutely.
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>> 3:00 was wild. jillian: we will have more on this later, stay tuned. lawmakers on both sides outraged by the tug-of-war between donald trump and nancy pelosi. rob: democrats have not been playing by the rules since the president was elected. >> this is the redline right now, you cannot lose this fight. i heard someone earlier at the network say maybe the president should take the high ground. the high ground? are you serious? you think there's high ground left in washington dc? this is a cesspool full of swamp rats and villains. dc have no high ground left. it doesn't matter how many people are killed by illegal immigrants was all they care about is beating donald trump and we need to recognize that fight right now and start rabbit punching below the belt. the time for robert's rules of order ended on inauguration day with donald trump and thank god he gets that and understands -- i am with you. we are on the right side of this
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but the democrats don't care at all. jillian: i just democrats, fox news has been told all congressional delegation travel by military aircraft is postponed. a fox news alert, anything-year-old american faces terrorism charges after authorities say he tried carrying out a little for attack on the deputy. accused of threatening a phoenix deputy with a knife. the deputy shot the teen in self-defense. authorities say he had ties to isis and planned to kill the deputy in a lone wolf attack. new documents reveal the terror suspects accused of plotting to blow up the white house has had previous run ins with the law in high school. he was arrested on reckless driving and drug charges. the fbi busted the 21-year-old after revealing plans to an undercover agent. authorities were tipped off he had become radicalized. rob: hundreds of people spreading the pro-life message in the nation's capital for the
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46th annual march for life, speeches given outside the national mall. the theme of this year's march is unique from day one. two american tennis players taking center stage at the australian open. amanda knocking out 11th seed marina in straight sets. this was a huge upset for an american. the new jersey native is the oldest american to reach the fourth round of this grand slam serena williams. on the men's side 21-year-old taylor of california wasn't so lucky, he lost to roger federer or who is looking for his seventh title. roger at the ozzie open made his career. it is something else. 10 minutes after the hour. donald trump making the latest move in this shutdown chess
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match. what a thursday it was the are we even further from a deal? will be get to a deal? jillian: dan crenshaw taking a fellow texan, saying beto o'rourke should never be president. that is next. ♪ are you taking the tissue test? yep, and my teeth are yellow. time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. and they whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. whoa. hey look, it's huge. oops, gotta go. hey, wait. come back. rob: welcome back. a political chess match taking a divisive turn as donald trump refused to allow nancy pelosi and other top democrats to travel abroad on taxpayers dime. jillian: the president writing, quote, public relations event is totally appropriate, it would be better if you were in washington negotiating with me. rob: just one day after nancy
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pelosi asked the president to delay his state of the union address citing security concerns. will this power play bring democrats back to the table and end the shutdown? jillian: republican congressman barry lowdermilk. what a day. what do you make of what went down yesterday? >> the president's prerogative, you plan them way in advance. the military aircraft are available. you have to meet certain requirements but don't always take the military aircraft but it is up to the air force and department of defense if the aircraft are available and the crews are available and you have enough people to go and it is under the control of the department of defense and up to the president to make the decision whether they are available or not and i personally think he made the right decision. rob: earlier in the week, to puerto rico a number of democrats went down, nancy pelosi was supposed to be at that and decided not to and that
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was probably smart optically but to go on this one, to leave for a week in the midst of the shutdown, when your chief negotiator, what does that say? >> she's not willing to negotiate, she turned down the recent opportunities, invitations from the president to negotiate. they are not interested in negotiating. the status quo, the other thing that amazes me is this week is normally a recess or work week where we go back to the districts and have meetings and work in our district offices. that was canceled by nancy pelosi because she said we needed to be in washington dc during the shutdown but yet we find out yesterday she was planning a trip out of the country. it is a 3 ring circus up there right now. jillian: as all of this is going down, it was entertaining to watch a little bit, not going to lie about that but at the end of the day the people who are hurting here are the workers who are not getting a paycheck right
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now and i guarantee it is not funny to them. how do you see this ending? >> i don't know. it will take the democrats and nancy pelosi to come to the table and negotiate. the president is not going to back down, things like trying to cancel the state of the union address, these are ridiculous things to do. it is very petty what is going on. you cannot have negotiations unless you are willing to sit down and have a discussion. last time the democrat leadership went to the white house, they said we are not willing to negotiate a the president said if you are not willing to negotiate there is no reason for us to meet. the white house tried to get the facts of what is going on on the border didn't want to hear the facts. that is why she doesn't want the president to come and do the state of the union because she doesn't want the american people to hear the fact. rob: adam schiff said the president is acting like a fifth-grader. this does seem immature but nancy pelosi did the same thing.
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you can't criticize the president without -- we both see that even though they both deny it. a second topic here. there was a hubbub on the floor of the house with this big vote, tried to push through, what did you make of this? >> this is normal procedure election, everyone on the floor is a voice vote. everyone is on the floor, no one is listening it is still out on the floor. they will call the bill, the speaker pro tem will take a voice vote and they will naturally say the eyes have it, the majority wins. the minority stand up and asks for a recorded vote. that turns the machine on and everybody vote yes or no. when the republican stood up the democrats claimed they didn't hear him. most of the time you can't hear the minority stand up and say we are asking for a recorded vote. we were in the majority the last four years i was there, you
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never can actually hear what is going on. it is procedural. you look over, someone standing at the minority microphone, you know they are asking for a recorded vote. i don't know what happened, if they were trying to push it through or if all of a sudden they were deciding we have to verbally hear the objection. rob: thank you for your time and getting up early, appreciate it. jillian: 19 after the hour. a democratic congresswoman with an anti-semitic tweet. >> i wonder what your message is. >> i don't know how my comments would be offensive. jillian: how she is defending those comments. rob: clemson celebrating its national title at the white house and one major league name could snub the next big sports celebration. how about that? ♪ hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
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jillian: welcome back. a democratic congresswoman defending an anti-semitic tweet she posted 7 years ago. omar rights israel has hypnotized the world, may allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of israel. omar responding to critics of her tweet on cnn. listen to this. >> i wonder what your message is on our game changer series to jewish americans who find that deeply offensive. >> that is really a regrettable way of expressing that. i don't know how my comments would be offensive to jewish americans. jillian: the minnesota congresswoman criticizing, quote, the israeli regime.
2:24 am
rob: dan crenshaw blasting beto o'rourke for questioning the u.s. constitution. in an interview with washington examiner crenshaw says anybody who questions the validity of the constitution should never be president. responding to the former democratic congressman's interview with washington post asking, quote, that is the question of the moment, does this still work? can an empire like our still be managed by the same principles that were set down 230 years ago? beto o'rourke is not made a decision whether or not he is making a run at the white house. jillian: the u.s. treasury pushing back on new report claiming trade officials are easing up on china. rob: how the trump administration is trying to set the record straight on trade talks. >> reporter: an article from the wall street journal, we did see wall street reacting positively to this report. the dow up 162 points, the s&p
2:25 am
by 19, the nasdaq adding 49 points. the wall street journal report says the treasury secretary steve mnuchin was considering lowering tariffs on chinese goods as trade negotiations continue. the report exploding the idea although it was receiving pushback from robert lightheiser who said any concession would be seen as a sign of weakness but now spokesperson for the trade team dismissing the article completely. here's what the spokesperson said, quote, neither steve mnuchin nor ambassador lightheiser have made any recommendations with respect to tariffs or other parts of the negotiating mission with china. it is an ongoing process with the chinese that is nowhere near completion. one of china's top trade negotiators will be back in washington dc on january 30th to continue the discussion. rob: very much doubt. jillian: the next story seems
2:26 am
like genius. >> the ballast point group hub has opened a downtown disney, making it the first brewery to open up at the anaheim california themepark. this is great news for a lot of parents who might be there with their kids. the new brewery has 50 ballast point brews, some exclusive to the location. you don't need a ticket to get to downtown disney. disneyland prices have gone up recently. jillian: don't drink and go on the rides. thanks. 26 minutes after the hour. far left democrats waging war against moderates in their own party, moving further left pushing voters to the right. rob: a new poll shows latino support on its way up a bit for donald trump amid the shutdown standoff. you might not think so but these numbers coming up.
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jillian: secretary of state mike pompeo will hold talks with north korea's top negotiator expected to discuss the possibility of a second summit between donald trump and kim jong un, the meeting comes one day after the president unveiled an enhanced defense strategy to combat threats from north korea, china, russia and iran. >> our goal is simple, to ensure that we can detect and destroy any missile launched against the united states anywhere, anytime, anyplace. jillian: it is the first major overhaul of the missile defense strategy in nearly a decade. russia appears to be deploying ballistic missile launchers near the ukraine border. satellite images exclusively obtained by fox news show the new compound equipped with bunkers and another compound, the missiles with a range of to
2:31 am
310 miles are capable of carrying nuclear warheads. the latest images come after two ukrainian vessels were captured by russian coast guard injuring 24 soldiers since november. a former chicago officer sentenced today for the death of luck one mcdonald. jason van dyck's faces aggravated murder and battery initiative the left the 17-year-old dead. a jury acquitted 3 chicago cops covering up for officer van dyck. a justice investigation and the ousting of the chicago police superintendent. one is dead and another mysteriously hurt after getting buried in an avalanche. dozens of rescuers pulling the men from under the snow at a ski resort in new mexico. they were trapped for 20 minutes. the resort looking at what triggered the avalanche and precautions were taken early thursday morning but they did not work.
2:32 am
turning to extreme weather. a powerful storm on the move leaving six people did in california. dramatic video of rescue crews saving a man trapped in rising water in los angeles. heavy rain triggering flash flooding and mudslides across southern california. those downpours forcing a boulder to follow the car critically injuring a woman. meteorologist janice dean tracking the storm is a close on the east coast. >> millions, tens of millions of people will be affected by this winter storm over the next couple days. you see where current temperatures are called across portions of the great lakes and the northeast but it will get colder than that with this storm bringing in arctic air mass from canada. past 12 hours you can see the snow coming out of northern plains of the rockies, our first system moving across the northeast not a big deal, just the appetizer so to speak as we get into the weekend because the next system will be a doozy for
2:33 am
somebody across interior northeast where we could get totals of two to three feet of snow when all is said and done but on sunday that rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain next will be across new york city. wherever that sets up it will cut back on snow totals. we will be into a situation of -- i can't give exact notables, just a range. what is for sure is interior sections of the northeast will get the jackpot of snow in several inches across portions of the midwest, the upper midwest, great lakes, ohio river valley and portions of upstate new york and new england. that is where we will suitable i have two or three feet of snow. a couple forecast models, new york city right on the snow rain line. we will see what happens. boston could see up to a foot of snow. we will keep you posted. back to you. rob: great for the skiers in vermont.
2:34 am
>> we want the kids to have some snow this weekend. rob: far left congressional group known as justice democrats waging war on their own party, their goal is to target moderate democrats in primaries hoping the party will embrace further left policies. is this healthy or is it hurtful as democrats look to retake the white house in 2020 and maybe the senate? former congressional press secretary for house democrats, rochelle ritchie, appreciate it. you've got this group, almost has a tea party feeling to it. what do you make of this? >> it does have a tea party feeling. i watched the video they put out two days or a day or go. what they are trying to do is really good. trying to bring some new energy to the democratic party, new faces. at the same time the method in which they are doing that is going to not go in their favor
2:35 am
because i am a registered independent but i have more moderate democratic views. i also don't believe in socialist ideas. if they go too far left too soon it is going to backfire on them. representative congresswoman said very well that the point is to get control of the house and senate, get trump out of office and if you are dividing the party, your work is counterproductive. rob: feeding of the energy people have is antiestablishment energy, that you can see in both parties, look at alexandria gustavo perez arriaga 15 replacing joe crowley, saying he had no connection to the district he represented. and wasn't watching his blind spots. >> it was a pretty amazing thing to watch. even with kislyak i'm waiting for her to do something, waiting to see what she is going to do in congress.
2:36 am
it is great, she says a lot of things but what she is she done? looking at congresswoman lauren underwood from illinois, the todd: american woman elected to congress, she has gotten in and had victory, legislation passed for anti-sexual-harassment provisions, working in congress. i want to see what ocasio-cortez -- rob: look at these justice democrat house members, there she is at the top, you have a number of others. >> they are a powerful group. but i don't think right now is the time to come into the democratic party and try to divide. we need to unify.
2:37 am
rob: putting all of them against nancy pelosi who you don't want to go against. >> she is a powerhouse of a stickler and a force to be reckoned with. rob: you are not a socialist democrat. there is a plan they have on 60 minutes talking about taxing people 70% of the $10 million and up. it shows some naïveté because he will never get enough money to fund the things they want to do. >> they often use lead in as an example when it comes to socialism and i don't think sweden is a socialist country. socialism is not school choice, sweden has school choice, socialism is not a lot of the things like minimum wage, they don't have minimum wage laws. rob: they cherry pick which ones. >> almost like they are social capitalism. rob: is this going to be good or bad for your party?
2:38 am
>> i don't think will have much impact. rob: thank you for your time, appreciate it. 37 minutes after the hour. ben schapiro's take on the march for life and why ben says the democratic party is playing identity politics over a value-based issue coming up. years since colin kaepernick first kneeled during the national anthem and the and some singer wants to end the debate. how gladys knight plans to honor the red, white and blue. ♪ ♪ she's doing it again. no cover up spray here... cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, burying them in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. freshen up, don't cover up. febreze
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rob: the trump administration is appealing a ruling that blocks putting a citizens question on the 2020 census. the question would discourage us immigrants from doing the sense of hurting their representation in congress. the decision needs to be made by
2:42 am
june for the question to be finalized. a new paul shows donald trump's support skyrocketing of latino voters amid the shutdown standoff, the president's approval rating soaring to 50% since december according to this pbs and pr paul, 19% jump in just one month. that baffles a lot of people. republican strategist john thomas joined us whispering what caused this increase. >> it was announced that latino unemployment is at an all-time low. the president is breaking, penetrating to americans particularly the latino community that if we don't get border security communities like the latino community are disproportionately affected. rob: thomas adding the president's rating stay like this democrats will not have a chance in the 2020 white house run. but if they do joe biden appears to be the number one leading choice, a leading new paul, a democratic candidate holding a 76% favorability rating among
2:43 am
democratic americans. according to another pbs and pr paul. compare that to kamala harris, and kirsten gillibrand only a 22%. all three have hinted at a potential 2020 white house run. jillian: in a rare show of support to pro-life democrats attending the march for life event today, several speeches begin outside the national mall before activists head to the supreme court. louisiana congresswoman katrina jackson angela congressman daniel pinsky will be among the speakers. the theme of the march is unique from day one. some pro-life democrats joining the march, most lawmakers on the left our steering clear of the demonstration. daily editor-in-chief ben schapiro says that speaks directly to how radical democrats have been. >> the reason it is a bunch of crap is it is not my fault know
2:44 am
democrats are showing up, democratic representative not only speaking at the march for life but guests on my radio show next week because we are looking for pro-life democrats. the problem is the democratic party marginalize every pro-life voice on the democratic side of the aisle, decide this should no longer be the rubric under which they operate. this week you saw house democratic committee propose or repeal the hyde amendment to get to taxpayer-funded abortions directly, trying to scale back donald trump's policies to pay for abortions overseas, what is the pro-life movement supposed to do? asked nancy pelosi? that is absurd. jillian: a recent op-ed from a former obama aide compares the march for life to a gop rally. 44 after the hour, nancy pelosi refusing to support the, quote, immoral border wall. >> the wall is an immorality. it is not who we are as a nation. it is a wall between reality and
2:45 am
his supporters. rob: his next guest is an angel mom who lost her son to an illegal immigrant and joins us with her message for the speaker of the house coming up. state of the art technology makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2019 nx 300 for $339/mo. for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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rob: our show doesn't start for 12 minutes but on tap for the next 3 hours on "fox and friends," not that "fox and friends first" isn't chock full of news but we are going to talk about the ultimate slap down or showdown between nancy pelosi and the president, a big push, humiliating hit on the speaker of the house, how she was forced to get off a bus and not fly on a plane and go back to work, how is that in the president of the united states get the upper hand. would help with negotiations?
2:49 am
the border wall battle has us in a shutdown for 28 days. we will talk about who is winning this battle. overall polling the president is losing but he's winning with hispanics and newt gingrich about the blockbuster buzz feed story that has him directing michael cohen to lie to congress. this would be a big deal but is it true? we will find out over the next 3 hours, don't miss a minute of the friday edition of "fox and friends". now to rob in the middle of the studio, i hope use dressed. rob: the red sox could visit the house without their team manager, a native of fort arrigo considering skipping the championship visitor dissatisfaction with donald trump's response to hurricane marina the devastated the island in 2017. he says if i go i will represent puerto rico the right way. he will visit the white house next month. that is very singer gladys might proud to sing the national
2:50 am
anthem at the super bowl. >> i hope is anthem will touch people in a different way. i hope they will feel it so deeply it will lift them to a higher level. that is what i feel when i sing this song. rob: she was questioned about the nfl treatment of colin kaepernick who sparked protests against the national anthem. she told friday, quote, it is unfortunate the national anthem has been dragged into this debate, fighting for justice should each standalone. night adding i'm here today and on sunday, february 3rd to give the anthem back its voice. jillian: meet me face-to-face, nancy pelosi has not responded to that challenge, her son dominic was killed by an illegal immigrant and now she wants a wall built at the southern border and she joins us now to
2:51 am
tell is white is so important to her. thank you for your time. this is something you are speaking in favor of because it's important to you. why do you feel this is necessary at the southern border? >> because it will protect not just our citizens but those who still think they can come in because of nancy pelosi we as americans, i don't want another family to have the ashes of their child and nancy pelosi will try to avoid me at any costs. there was a group of us at the capitol hill office and she was behind walls, she did not see us and there were doors that were locked. she is a hypocrite.
2:52 am
jillian: i am curious, what would you want to say to nancy pelosi? >> i would like to tell her she needs to sit down with our president and get with it. she is working for the american people. they should be first, not illegals, not nobody else but american citizen so this won't happen anymore, we need to get this done once and for all. it is ragging on for 20 or 30 years would get with the president, sit down with him and work it out. no deal, no amnesty, get that border wall up to protect us. jillian: are you surprised how far this has gone? the longest government shutdown in history as a result of the president fighting for border barrier. >> i'm not surprised because you noticed they were for the wall, now they are against it. it is a political stunt. they tried to keep their voter
2:53 am
base. that is why they do that. they hate the president so much and what he stands for that they would rather offer us up and americans citizens are getting slaughtered. i am tired of their blocking everything donald trump does. jillian: people are impacted by what is going on in different ways, impacted by what happened to your son dominic in july 2012. people who are impacted right now because they are not getting a paycheck because they are furloughed by what is going on. there are a lot of conversations to be had here. people who aren't aware, what happened to your son and why this is so meaningful to you. >> i may illegal immigrant and my son and i came to the united states the right way and on july 12, 2012, my only child, my child dominic was on his way to
2:54 am
the 911 riverside sheriff's department and he was riding his motorcycle when a felon with t two duis took his truck and turned it in front of my son and killed him instantly and the pain you can't describe not just for me but for his friends, people that knew him and it has been happening since then. i don't want to hug another angel mom. jillian: one is too many. if you end appearing anything from nancy pelosi will you come back? >> i will call, you guys have been very kind to me, thank you so much. jillian: sorry for your loss, thank you so much. rob: 54 minutes after the hour, crash course in gun safety for middle schoolers. one school district may require a course in the second amendment. jillian: your the last message
2:55 am
for nancy political your comments coming in on the president's decision to ground the democrats, we are hearing those comments next. ♪ ♪ i want to get away . .
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♪ rob: an iowa district is implementing a mandatory hunting safety class for middle schoolers. >> it starts out why we do hunter education and then goes into some of the ways of how firearms work and then we move on to safe handling methods, things like that. rob: the class comes a year
2:59 am
after a student was accidentally shot on a fishing trip. parents can choose to remove their kids from that week-long program. jillian: students in mississippi may soon be required to say the pledge of allegiance. make it mandatory for kids to cite the pledge at school. one would impose a $1,500 fine if the pledge isn't said in the first hour of class. critics say it violates the first amendment. rob: president trump surprising nancy pelosi shooting down her overseas trip to afghanistan. jillian: we asked was he right to ground nancy pelosi until the border deal is done. rob: pelosi is playing games with national security. you can't have interest both ways. jillian: doug disagrees with the president and says it was a cheap shot. rob: one instagram says why are any overseas trips having when the shutdown is on. they aren't needed overseas. stay put and come pro-mize.
3:00 am
jillian: seven days is a long time to be overseas whether you have thousands of people right now not getting a paycheck. rob: it was an interesting day when that letter dropped and they were on the bus and we heard from chad pergram 245 there was a lot of fury on that bus and phone calls going out. jillian: have a great weekend. >> more than 1,000 migrants are now on mexico's doorstep as they inch closer to the u.s. border. >> if you could speak to president trump directly, what would you say to him? >> yeah, man, i say open borders. >> border security at the strongest level. that was my pledge. that's what we're going to do. >> nancy pelosi and the democrats growptionded by entrepreneurship. >> president trump nancy pelosi for a military aircraft for a trip to afghanistan. >> we have to keep them here to secure our border and end the shutdown. >> many democrats would like to make a deal. speaker pelosi will not let them negotiate. >> israel has


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